Find Out What The Real Harvard Is Hiding Under The Covers
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  • Rat Attack! Good thing for new barrels

    Posted on December 4th, 2009 Matt 1 comment

    Rat attack!

    Admittly no one took the trash out for Thanksgiving week, but this was fine given the over abudance of trash barrels we now have.  Upon bringing in the barrels this morning I noticed that one of them had a hole GNAWED through it.  The marks look bigger than a mouse and smaller than a squarrel.  I think (and hope) the new City of Boston barrels are thicker than our old rubbermaid.

    In other news I had my first sidewalk rat sighting in awhile the Monday before Thanksgiving.  This time the rat took longer to flee.  As a side note I saw no rats during my 2 weeks in China.  So Allston has the distinct honor of having more rats than Hong Kong or ShenZhen per capitia, based on my sample size of 1 observer.

    Maybe Boston should have an open hunting season on rats?  Only subsonic air powered sidearms allowed, firing within 300 yards of a dwelling would be allowed…  actually that sounds like suicide… it would probably take a 410 shotgun to take out an Allston rat…

  • Mutant Rats Attack Allston?

    Posted on April 28th, 2009 Matt No comments

    This would be funny if it wasn’t (almost) true:

  • The Real Reason For The Construction Stop Has Been Found

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 Matt No comments has it first!  During construction of the foundation for the Science Center planned on Western Ave workers discovered an ancient crypt.  Our startling photos show that the tomb contained none other than the legendary holy grail. 


    Construction was halted immediately while experts debated how to proceed.  Luckily Harvard has plenty of experts.  With secret committees meeting around the clock they’re planning out the next steps.  It is hoped that the grail can be used to just “make things happen”.  There is also hope that Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place may be located somewhere under the grail’s tomb.

    Artist Rendering of the grail: