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  • Mass Pike reshape

    Posted on April 10th, 2014 Matt No comments


    Boston Globe


    Cool idea:

    Cool idea from David

  • New local blog

    Posted on January 5th, 2014 Matt No comments

    While researching the whole Barry’s Corner name thing I ran across a new local blog:     It looks to be frequently updated.   Cheers!

  • Push to rename Barry’s Corner “Allston Square”

    Posted on January 5th, 2014 Matt No comments

    There is apparently an effort going on to rename Barry’s Corner, the area of Lower Allston in the vicinity of North Harvard and Western, to “Allston Square”.


    There is acknowledgement that this is an attempt to disassociate the area from the demotion that took place to give us the former Charlesview complex.


    Should Barry’s Corner go the way of Scollay Square and the West End?   It has in the sense that privately owned single and multi-family homes are gone and will likely never be replaced, but is the name so offensive that it needs to go too?

  • Petition to improve Cambridge St

    Posted on November 28th, 2013 Matt No comments


    Please read the full letter when you have a moment located under “Get Involved,” but here are the key points we wish MassDot to address.

    - Do not install a median fence.
    - Create a signalized pedestrian intersection at Linden Street and/or Mansfield Street.
    - Use physical barriers between the bike lanes and auto lanes.
    - Reduce vehicle speeds on Cambridge Street.
    - Maintain the left turn onto Highgate Street.
    - Bike lanes in both directions should go all the way to Harvard Ave.
    - Dramatically improve the aesthetics, cleanliness and perception of safety of the overpass and footbridge.
    - Show us the final design before it goes out to bid.
    - Follow through on stated commitment to include all of Cambridge Street when the MassPike is reconstructed.

  • Harvard offers $17 million to Allston

    Posted on October 4th, 2013 Matt No comments

    Harvard released a plan calling for $28 million in community benefits ($17m to Allston residents and $11m to Boston that could come back to Allston per the  Harvard Crimson) before their Oct 17 meeting to get their 10 year plan approved by the BRA.

    Although generous, questions still remain about the details of the spending (as the vast majority will be administered by Har-”a new fence is a community benefit”-vard) and the timetable and details for continued development.   No amount of money can make up for a 50 year construction site.

    Construction and improvements made decisively and intelligently with the least delay will  benefit both Harvard and the community.



  • Harvard plans record fundraising to find Allston expansion

    Posted on September 22nd, 2013 Matt No comments

    The Boston Globe and others are reporting that Harvard is planning to raise a record 6.5b to fund their expansion into Allston.  Their target date is 2018.   Hopefully they can make meaningful improves before than.   Assuming they start building after they have the money in hand that puts finish dates into the 2020s.   Allston deserves more action sooner.

  • Harvard announces $15 million in questionable community benefits

    Posted on August 19th, 2013 Matt No comments

    The Crimson reports that Harvard has proposed $13 to 15 million in community benefits.

    This is not money that they would hand over to community/city/independent third part, but money that would allegedly be spent on behalf of the community.   Harry Mattison does a great job of highlighting how absurd some of these “benefits” are: studies to study benefits, traffic signals, etc.

    Harvard has a long history of citing questionable community benefits, like new fences around its properties.

    Although Harvard has made efforts to offset its damage to the community more needs to be done to make up for the damage that years of land banking have caused and will continue to cause into the future.

  • Bicycle Bill’s closes

    Posted on July 1st, 2013 Matt No comments reports

    A popular longstanding bicycle shop in Allston has closed. Bicycle Bill’s final day of business was Saturday [June 29], ending a 38-year run.

    Paul Sager said Monday that he was shutting down the shop at 253 North Harvard St. to retire. He said he and his roommate opened the store in 1975

    It’s too bad that an alternative to closing could not be found.   I hope the location can foster a continued retail presence… or even another bike shop.   Bill’s was the only bike shop I’m aware in the area – the next closest being on Comm Ave or in Central Square.   Paul and his mechanics were always friendly, willing to lend a hand and fixed small problems for free.   Likewise their paid service was always reasonably priced and in the promised time.   Good luck to all those involved and best of luck to Paul in retirement.

    Note: Paul owns the building, so this has nothing (directly) to do with a Harvard property.   However if some of the area properties were developed more quickly or if leases hadn’t been terminated you would have to wonder if Paul could have found a buyer for the shop given a different retail climate in Lower Allston.

  • City proposes blocking Harvard from opening new buildings in Allston if school fails to meet terms for development – See more at:

    Posted on March 20th, 2013 Matt No comments


    Boston officials have warned Harvard University that the city would block the college from opening new buildings in Allston if it fails to comply with terms Mayor Thomas M. Menino has proposed based on concerns from residents of the neighborhood, where Harvard is planning the first phase of decades of development to expand its campus.

    Finally!   The city is holding Harvard to its promises and commitments and calling them to task for poor, erratic planning!


  • U-Save 24-Hour Glossolalia at Publick Theatre tonight!

    Posted on August 4th, 2012 Matt No comments

    I stand corrected.   U-Save! 24-Hour Glossolalia is at Herter Park tonight… all night:

    12am // Organ Buffet // Tom Maio and Cassie Pinner: Cassie will interpret and perform her poem, Organ Buffet, alongside performance artist Tom, expanding upon the poem’s premise of the heaviness of intimacy between two human beings.

    12:45am // Not I // Allison Vanouse: Allison will perform Samuel Beckett. She states, “This play is a precipice. I am trying to leap from it.”

    1am // Open Mic & Streaming // MC Magzilla and sound by Bathaus: YOU ARE CALLED! to the stand to share whatever you’d like by way of FREE SPEECH AND ASSOCIATION while under the spell of Bathaus electronics. Rant and rave! Recite your favorite poem, read from a book you’ve been devouring, move! howl! yelp! or be silent. Video Channeling will occur alongside these performances. Pieces include: ROARS // Hermione Spriggs: A mimetic exchange with youtube lions, NO Opera // Caitlin Berrigan, and Whistling Piece 01 // Hermione Spriggs and Mathew Whittington, and more!

    1:30am // Free Dance & Set // BATHAUS, Maria Molteni

    2:30am // Ritual in the a.m. // B B Gun / Kit Lace: Your personal transcendence is attainable. Blow your soul and consume your mind. Commit.

    3am Shaker Circle Dancing // Maria Molteni: We will dance collectively and channel the 3rd Spirit of the Holy Trinity at the third hour of the morning

    Link to full map of this moving 24 hour show

    Link to White Walls Boston

    Link to Boston Phoenix description